The engineering firm that serves the client best is one that provides cost effective, innovative engineering solutions - solutions geared to well-understood client needs. We strive to serve in just this way. J.A. Lombardo & Associates has the staff, expertise and proven experience to engineer a solution for you - whether you are large or small, an industry, business, municipality, or other consulting professional. We look forward to applying our professional skills to your engineering needs.



The effective movement of air, water, steam, fuel or process fluids within the confines of a building or complex requires a thorough understanding of the proposed facility's use. It is only through this understanding that mechanical systems can be designed to operate efficiently and effectively.


Meeting present and future electrical needs is a challenge faced by owners of existing facilities and those developing new ones. Successful businesses are continually updating electrical, instrumentation and control systems to increase productivity, capacity and profitability.


Environmental regulation compliance touches all of us. A thorough knowledge of environmental regulations, as well as treatment disposal technologies, is essential for implementing an effective treatment compliance program